Können wir auf die Reise gehen? von Kids-Coach DENISE

Can we go on the trip? by kids coach DENISE

Can we go on the trip? by kids coach DENISE

Almost a year ago I had childcare with Michael (5) at KidsCircle for the first time. What made the class a little tricky back then was that Michael barely spoke and was very shy. That's why we often looked at picture books - once I held my books in front of the camera and explained the pictures, once Michael showed me his picture book collection and I described what I saw.

I can still well remember an hour when we were looking at a dinosaur book and Michael suddenly started to growl softly. I asked, "Have you turned into a dinosaur?" and Michael nodded eagerly. The growl turned into a roar, so I threw in, "Oh, you must be a T-Rex!" We then transformed into a T-Rex and a Long-Necked Dino and marched through Dinoland together, with me as Long-Necked -Dino already had some respect for the scary T-Rex...
Slowly but surely, Michael began to speak more during the lesson and we had a lot of fun. For a moment even Michael's dad stuck his head into the room to see what was going on, but when he saw us, he had to laugh too.

After that, I didn't see Michael again until a few weeks later in a study circle. The first two times it was a little quieter here too. At some point I happened to talk about the cardinal points and since Michael already knew them, he explained to me enthusiastically which ones exist and that a compass can show the directions.
So I suggested that we think up a pirate treasure map together and of course – in a pirate-like way – draw the compass along with it. Said and done! Michael thrived, proposing a detour here, a tricky task there, and yet another obstacle over there that we could add on our way to legendary pirate treasure.

From then on we had found our common language:
Draw cards and go on a journey. For every hour that followed, Michael would ask, " Can we go on the journey?" "
Once I was allowed to decide on the destination and once he chose it. Sometimes we had to draw a map first, sometimes we just started at random. In between, we also took our cuddly toys with us on the trip, which sometimes went wrong because Michael's cuddly duck toy is quite a cheeky one and kept playing tricks on us...

Of course, our means of transport also changed: we had to ride planes, express trains, bicycles, zeppelins, seaplanes, ships or even on the back of a shark to reach our destination.
In all the time we've spent together, we've been to China, the deep sea, India, the North Pole, the South Pole, the jungle, pirate country, Japan, Africa, with the dinosaurs, in the bat country and many more. And we always talked so much together that an hour was almost not enough for us...