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Cornelsen Verlag is one of the leading providers of educational media in the German-speaking world. With a high level of didactic competence, we develop products for teaching and personal learning - printed, digital and cross-media. Our company stands for learning success and recognized high quality - and has been for over 75 years. We develop potential and shape the future of learning in a collegial environment.


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launch date

January 2021


Florine Seeger, HR development and employer branding consultant

Number of employees


Why why why?

We decided on the digital childcare offer because we want to support and relieve our colleagues in as many different ways as possible and what is more effective and meaningful than time and happy and fun children?


For which problems is digital childcare a solution?

To counteract the workload and the double burden of working and home schooling.

In which cases do your employees use this innovative form of childcare?

The offer is used in many ways. We want to relieve our colleagues, what they do in the "child-free" time is up to you. Anything from “just getting things done” to “preparing food” or “just taking a deep breath” is perfectly fine!


Which channels did you use to communicate the offer to employees?

We have built a separate page for this offer on our intranet, provide information about news articles and the offer is part of our regular Corona update, which all employees receive regularly via email from us.


How do you rate the time required for the introduction?

About 4 hours - because we wanted to start immediately. KidsCircle was very fast and cooperative!

parent voices

"It's great, my children are already asking on the second day when it starts :-) Thank you very much for this great opportunity for support and variety."

"My daughter was also very enthusiastic and she liked the mixture of sports and painting :)"

"My two children did handicrafts and they were enthusiastic: "It was great fun!" Happy children --> happy mum who was able to create something concentrated ;-)

"A heartfelt thank you from me for this creative relief! Our daughter is very enthusiastic. :)"

"Thank you very much for this great opportunity. It brings variety for the children and support for the parents! My children thought it was great and are already looking forward to the next lesson."

"Thank you for the quick and helpful offer! I can also recommend it, my daughter was happy in her virtual "craft room" and I had some time for concentrated work."

Florine Seeger, HR development and employer branding consultant

"Our colleagues are very satisfied with your offer - so I am too!"