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Pharmaceutical Industry


Monheim on the Rhine

launch date

December 2020


Sandra Seiwert, Talent Partner G2M Central Europe

Number of employees


Why why why?

We came across KidsCircle when it was decided to close day care centers and primary schools in early December 2020. We learned from the first lockdown that this would be a difficult situation for colleagues with small children. The compatibility of job and family has always been important to us as an employer and the offer from KidsCircle came at the right time to relieve the parents in the short term.

For which problems is digital childcare a solution?

On the one hand, if there is a predictable short-term need for care and you want to cover this with high quality and not with “Netflix” or pure media consumption. But also acute needs - if, for example, an important conversation is pending that cannot be postponed. And last but not least, when the child feels the need not to just play with mum, dad or siblings as usual and to get new impulses... My own son learned magic tricks, for example, and enthusiastically demonstrated them to the family. He certainly wouldn't have learned that from us :-)

In which cases do your employees use this innovative form of childcare?

Often when planning critical meetings or workshops that are difficult to postpone. But there are also children who make an appointment with friends from the day care center via KidsCircle and are then cared for there together for an hour or two.

Which channels did you use to communicate the offer to employees?

Via our monthly HR newsletter. Furthermore, the offer information is stored on our intranet.

How do you rate the time required for the introduction?

The time commitment was actually minimal. It took almost ten days from the point of initial contact to the introduction - the introduction itself was very pragmatic and quick; We received the registration code on the day of the order. It was also nice to see how agile KidsCircle reacts to customer requests. Within a few days, there was a dashboard for use and information on how to tax the benefit in kind.

parent voices

"My oldest daughter (will soon be 6 years old) is enthusiastic about the online care, so that after the test phase we continue to regularly use the KidsCircle offer privately. In the meantime, she also arranges to meet up with friends to visit together for an hour. The "painting and handicrafts room" and the "dance and movement room" are particularly popular. I find the care to be very varied and loving. I had no idea that an hour of online tutoring would be so much fun for my daughter and that she would also learn a lot of new things (like what a collage is and how to make one). For me, this is a good help in the Corona period and a welcome change for my daughter."


“Our daughter was a bit skeptical at first. She was not used to talking to people on a computer and doing joint activities. However, this uncertainty quickly dissipated. Today she is really looking forward to it. For us, this offer is a further building block in our support portfolio. It increases flexibility and reduces the bad feeling of always having to resort to Netflix and the like.”

M Hartman

Sandra Seiwert, Talent Partner G2M Central Europe

"The pandemic has demanded a lot from all of us, but especially from the parents since March 2020. Projects continue, deadlines are set, and at the same time children are to be cared for or even taught. I know from my own experience that as a parent you often have a guilty conscience, which puts an additional strain on colleagues. It's no coincidence that the topic of "mental health" is so much in focus. We see KidsCircle's offering as part of our local health & wellbeing strategy and we're pleased that with KidsCircle we're making a contribution to the mental health of our colleagues be able."