Universität der Bundeswehr München

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

The Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBw M) is a university based in the metropolitan region of Munich and offers a wide range of subjects. The aim is to train prospective soldiers and, to a lesser extent, civilian students in engineering, computer science and the humanities, social sciences and economics. In these areas, she conducts research and transfer to society.





launch date

March 2021


Pamela Koch, Equal Opportunities Officer

Number of employees


Why why why?

Family orientation is an important concern of the UniBw M. In March 2021, in order to promote the compatibility of family and work/service/study, she expanded her family offer to include digital childcare through KidsCircle. The non-performance-related aspect as well as the pedagogical approach played an important role in the choice for KidsCircle.


For which problems is digital childcare a solution?

The offer enables students to pursue their intensive studies, employees, their teaching and research tasks or their work, while their children participate in an exciting digital program. Digital childcare makes it increasingly easy to attend meetings. Especially in times of the pandemic, it was important to be able to take care of childcare and study or work in the home office.

In which cases do your employees use this innovative form of childcare?

Employees use the offer when care facilities are closed and to carry out everyday professional work.


Which channels did you use to communicate the offer to employees?

The offer was communicated to employees via our intranet and via email. In addition, superiors were made aware of the offer as multipliers.


How do you rate the time required for the introduction?

Mainly low. The internal expenditure of time was compensated by the quick implementation at KidsCircle.

parent voices

“Thank you for organizing this offer! The email ... came just in time when my son's day care center was closed for two weeks due to a corona case. We have already used the offer twice and I can only recommend it. …”

“Thank you for this great offer! I used it yesterday, my children loved it and I was able to work in peace. It also worked out well technically.” 


Pamela Koch, Equal Opportunities Officer

"A great and very helpful offer to promote family friendliness at the UniBw Munich! The service from KidsCircle is outstanding, thank you very much!"