Do you (also) have a guilty conscience?

Even if Peppa Pig is a lot of fun, we hear from many parents that they have a guilty conscience when the kids are back in front of the television.
The current KIM study found that 70% of all children sit in front of the TV every day and unfortunately often alone.
The problem here is that kids lack the social interaction that is so central to their development.

Therefore, together with educators, we have developed an offer in which the kids learn new skills, meet other children and acquire their first media skills.

Here's the solution and it's called KidsCircle

Our online-experienced kids coaches receive children from all over the world aged 4-10 via live stream and take them into a colorful world full of activities: drama, handicrafts and painting, magic, experimenting, listening to radio plays, dancing, reading aloud , chatting and much more.

Look in 1 minute

Here you can see kids coach PACO and three of our little regular guests doing magic in the online meeting place.

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