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At KidsCircle you will find interactive leisure and childcare offers for children in digital space. With us, kids from the age of 4 meet in two age groups and are lovingly looked after by our caregivers - so-called kids coaches - as part of a video solution.

We have a wide variety of activities for our little guests. Our online experienced coaches encourage the children to do handicrafts and painting, experiments, magic, dancing and sporting movements, games, reading aloud and much more.

All of our kids coaches are certified and have many years of experience in looking after groups of children.

We want to accompany children in their development, inspire them, give them space for creativity and, above all, give them attention and time together. We often read from parents that the kids share their experiences over supper together and sometimes perform one or the other magic trick.

Our offer is to be understood as a supplement to KiTa or school care. With us, children can discover a varied program in their free time, on days when kindergarten and school are closed (75 days on average in Germany) or even if they are a little ill and have to stay at home, and together with our coaches and other children, they can explore the possibilities in the digital world explore space.

educational concept

At KidsCircle, the focus is on the child with its individual needs and interests. We design our offers as free as possible from fixed content, goals and evaluations. In our various offers, we provide a content framework - such as a handicraft and painting room - which the children fill together with the kids coaches. If other topics arise from the dynamics, then we always follow the flow and leave room for the children's ideas.

When developing our offers, we drew on various pedagogical concepts . It is particularly important to us to give children the freedom to develop their own ideas and to be creative.

We support them in discovering their strengths and abilities and try to keep the time together free of performance measurement and performance evaluation. We do not pursue any specific action goals, but create experiences in which we let the children gain experience on all levels possible in the digital space. This includes that content is not only consumed in a consumptive way, but also processed expressively . With the help of expressive forms such as dancing, painting or handicrafts, acting, telling stories or re-enacting, we deepen what we have learned.

Our kids coaches see themselves as initiators, role models and confidants .

With us you will find overarching subject areas that children can explore over several visits. So we often start in our magic and experiment rooms with making your own magic wand, with which you can then demonstrate the magic tricks you have learned on subsequent visits to the amazement of everyone.

We are also guided by the seasons and design our content accordingly. We are also very happy to take up commemoration and action days , such as the International Day of Children's Rights, and paint pictures together, which we then publish on social media.

Another concern of KidsCircle is the playful teaching of media competence . Children grow up in Germany with a broad media repertoire. In many households, access to the Internet is a matter of course. Smartphones, TV sets, children's computers, tablets, game consoles, MP3 players, CD players, streaming services - the list of digital media has grown long. According to the current miniKIM study , from the age of 4, a higher frequency of use becomes visible, especially with digital games, tablets, television and streaming services. In the meantime, 4-5 year old children spend up to 75 minutes a day with video offers. For these reasons, it is important to start strengthening media skills at an early stage.

The children discover the digital media - and many more - together with the kids coaches . This is recommended by educators, especially for early childhood media use. With us, the children learn how to use video software, digital tools, interactive learning apps or collaborative whiteboards. We encourage them to try things out and integrate playful elements such as video filters in order to combine discovery with the greatest possible joy of playing. The children love, for example, to conjure up a cat on the head of the kids coach. It also happens that we listen to a radio play together and talk about it afterwards - or during it.

"I've been waiting for you all day today."

Paul, 4

We attach great importance to creating a comfortable handover situation for every child. Each child is let in individually by the kids coaches and greeted personally by name. This is followed by a short conversation and handover with the parent. If necessary, arrangements are made and at the end the kids coach hands the child back to the parent.

As a ritual , we begin and end each offering with the KidsCircle song .

Our mascot Peppo - a parrot who has an answer for everything or flies through the world to find the right one - accompanies the offers; sometimes as a cuddly toy, as a digital filter, coloring picture or stick puppet.

Parents remain responsible for supervision during digital childcare. Since we have no physical access to the children, this cannot be transferred to the kids coach. In the care we offer, we avoid using potentially dangerous utensils such as scissors or glue with younger children.

The parents provide their name and telephone number during the registration process; both are required fields. If a child is no longer visible to the Kids-Coach for 3 minutes, the Kids-Coach informs customer service, who in turn immediately contacts the parent by telephone.

We have established an extensive application process over 5 stages in order to get to know the potential kids coaches as well as possible and to be able to assess their suitability. Not everyone feels at home in the digital space, so we pay special attention when making our selection.

Our kids coaches regularly take part in further training, exchange meetings and supervision.

If the availability of the coaches matches the parents' desired date, parents can book the kids coaches individually or request them via chat. Of course, we always try to take the children's individual preferences into account and put them in touch with their favorite coaches.

We can also arrange direct appointments between parents and the kids coach after childcare.

Get to know kids coaches

"After the initial fear of contact, my daughter was absolutely thrilled and since then has asked for KidsCircle at every opportunity, e.g. on sick days!"

Sandra M., Berlin

Our age groups & care key

The content is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10 , whereby we look after the children in two age groups :
the 4-6 year olds, 7-10 year olds

Siblings are of course cared for together and across groups.

Of course, older kids are also welcome here.

After a careful introductory phase of our offer from March to May 2020, we finally decided on a group size of max. 4 children . Since we offer a wide time window, not all groups are always fully occupied. With a maximum of 4 small participants, the kids coach is able to look after each child individually and give them sufficient attention.

What do kids need for the visit?

The technical requirements include a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone with camera function and internet access. Due to the screen size, tablets or laptops are best suited for participation.

The support takes place within the framework of a video solution. We work together with the Norwegian provider Whereby. Parents do not need an extra login, they simply receive their personal KidsCircle link . This is the same and at the same time gives access to all offers. This eliminates the need to search for the right dial-in data.

For utensils , the children need 15 white sheets of paper, colored pencils or felt-tip pens and a piece of adhesive tape including a dispenser. This standard set has been kept as small as possible so that the parents have as little preparation as possible. All other elements for the care, such as playing cards for magic tricks or paper figures for a play, we make together with the children.

For parents, we are available daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. by phone, email and customer chat to give an insight into our offer or to clarify technical questions before the first childcare.

exchange and feedback

Our regular exchange with the parents contributes significantly to the success of the pedagogical concept.

In addition to feedback queries on individual offers, we conduct detailed parent interviews and since November 2021 we have also welcomed all parents personally by telephone after the first visit. Our kids coaches also meet regularly to learn from each other and to continuously develop their offers.

Our customer service is there for parents every day (Mon-Sun) from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. via chat, e-mail and telephone.

We stand for an open exchange and a positive error culture . Parents can contact us at any time with their wishes and thoughts and we will find solutions together.

make contact

Quality Assurance & Data Protection

For us, the quality of the offers and their assurance is a central concern.

After each childcare offer, the kids coaches note which activities they have undertaken with the children and, if necessary, inform customer service about topics that should be discussed with the parents.

With our learning circle offers, the processed content is recorded individually for each child . This ensures that coaches are always in the picture for follow-up bookings and know the child's current level of knowledge.

Since the majority of the coaches work freelance, they only receive the first names, age and place of residence of the children for information in advance for data protection reasons .

We use the browser-based solution from the Norwegian provider Whereby for the video solution. Parents do not have to register here, but can access the respective offer via their personal dial-in link . After clicking on the link, instead of immediate access, there is a request to "knock" on the door. After checking the name, our kids coach lets the parents and children in individually.

We follow a "best-of-breed" philosophy when selecting our partners and evaluate them in particular with regard to functionality, security and data protection. In addition, we naturally work with a data protection officer and have a data protection management system in use.

Nice that you're here

We try to present the entire offer in detail on the website and to inform parents and interested parties as best as possible. This also includes a detailed presentation of our kids coaches including examples of activities.

Furthermore, we regularly publish newsletters with added value and provide insights into the care hours on our social media channels.

Appreciative and friendly communication, which is characterized by mutual respect, is important to us.

Best regards
Sabine Wildemann & Felix Kosel & the whole team