Kids Coach BRUNO

Experience: 4 Jahre

Languages: Deutsch and Spanisch

Dear children, dear parents,

I'm Bruno and last year I decided to pack up and embark on a new adventure. I grew up bilingual and in my childhood I often went to visit my family in Brazil. After high school I decided to travel the rest of the continent and so I started to learn Spanish.

I realized early on that I love dealing with people, which is why I decided to study in this direction. Today I am an educator and sociologist; it was definitely the right decision. In addition to my studies, I have worked a lot with children. I worked at various tutoring institutes and in a after-school care center. The creativity, the urge to discover and the uniqueness of children is simply admirable and always puts a smile on my face.

After graduating I really wanted to embark on an unknown adventure and now I'm traveling around the world history; Let's see where this journey takes me. The nice thing is that I'm in nature a lot, which is incredibly important to me. Since I'm traveling with a tent, I can stay in any place imaginable.

I am also a hobby magician and love to inspire people with whom my paths cross with magic.

KidsCircle offers me the opportunity to continue being an educator and at the same time to continue my adventure.

I look forward to getting creative with your children, maybe surprising them with a magic trick and discovering new things with them!

Dear children, I am happy to meet you!