Kids Coach DENISE

Experience: 4 Jahre

Languages: Deutsch, Englisch, and Italienisch

Dear parents and dear children,

My name is Denise and I grew up in beautiful South Tyrol in Italy. There I was able to grow up with two cultures and two languages, German and Italian, from an early age. But since South Tyrol was getting a bit too cramped for me, I decided to discover the world a little and traveled to Greece, Scotland and Morocco, among other places. Eventually I ended up in Bonn to study politics and English, where I now devote myself to topics ranging from Russian foreign policy to the works of Shakespeare.

Working with children has always been a lot of fun for me. I especially liked reading stories, inventing stories or simply rewriting fairy tales so that the princess herself becomes the female heroine... Among other things, I did two internships in different schools and I am intensively involved with the children there.

However, I gained most of my experience working with children when I spent summers babysitting three boys every day for four years in a row. The challenge here was to get the little ones off the sofa and into nature and to “kidnap” them into adventure worlds. We often had a lot of fun together with games, stories, dances, puzzles and paper handicrafts we invented ourselves. Now that my three little protégés are grown up, so to speak, I would still like to continue working with children and continue to contribute my experience.

I am really looking forward to doing handicrafts, puzzles, dancing, chatting, reading, playing, listening, discovering and having fun with you, dear children.

And of course I will always have a story in store for you…😄