Kids Coach KERSTIN

Experience: 12 Jahre

Languages: Deutsch

Dear children, dear parents,

I'm Kerstin, myself a mother of 2 children who are now almost grown up and a big fan of stories.

​Even as a child I loved to invent my own stories and in this way I immersed myself in another world. A world of unlimited possibilities, full of colour, light and your very own expression.

​With my two sons I have been on voyages of discovery in a wide variety of stories for many years. I sewed costumes, organized treasure hunts, prepared knights' birthdays or sometimes just watched them play. Sometimes I was also part of the story and we sneaked through the garden together in search of adventures.

In the various theater courses that I teach at schools in Berlin, I develop plays together with the participants based on their themes. Sometimes it's just small scenes, sometimes a whole piece.

At KidsCircle I would like to invite you / your children to go on a story search with me, to invent them, to tell them, to play, to design them or sometimes just to have them read to you.

And maybe there will be one or the other stick / stone or even a piece of paper that agrees to participate in our story.

I look forward to our time together.