Course 💡 In a land before time - The world of dinosaurs 1 60 min

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

In a land before time - The world of dinosaurs 👉🏽 Part 1

Now all dinosaur researchers and professionals are in demand, but of course also everyone who is simply curious about an exciting time around dinosaurs. We chat about your favorite dinosaurs, of course you can also put your knowledge to the test and learn lots of new things about it. We'll make our own Dino - maybe we'll discover a whole new species, because not everything has been explored yet - and together we'll embark on an expedition. Get ready for an hour of pure dino.

I'm looking forward to seeing you - oh and bring everything you want to show us about dinosaurs.

See you soon I hope
your Sonja

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Utensils needed:

- 3-4 empty toilet paper rolls
- 1 empty kitchen roll
- 10 sheets of white paper
- Cardboard (can be from packaging, e.g. cornflakes...)
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Colored pencils or felt-tip pens

What your child takes with them:

I-Competences: creativity
Activity related competencies: fine motor skills
Social-Communicative Skills: Communication