Course 💡 Who turned the clock? · 45 mins

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

In the 45-minute course " Who turned the clock?" we look forward to teaching our little guests of all ages how to read the clock.

As in all our offers, we combine different senses and different media to give the children the greatest possible fun while learning. And, enjoying learning has a positive effect on the learning effect.

Through riddles, songs, simple exercises, dances and handicraft units, we teach the children what the clock can reveal.
We teach the following content over 4 units:
- different clock types (analogue, digital)
- Structure of a clock
- Small and large pointer
- Structure: whole hour, quarter hour, half hour, quarter hour, minutes, seconds
- Time intervals and 12 / 24 hour scheme

Utensils needed:

- 10 sheets of white paper
- Crayons, pencil, sharpener
- Tape incl. dispenser
- Eraser
- 1 sample bag clip ( a metal clip that closes mailers, sample bags and the like.)
For experienced children: craft scissors

What your child takes with them:
I skills: concentration, action planning
Skills: Arithmetic, logical thinking
and problem-solving skills

In our courses, the children find a space in which they can learn new skills without pressure, experience positive motivation and promote their creative and communicative skills through fun and games.