Course 💡 Expedition into the secret world of dragons · 60 min

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

Expedition into the secret world of dragons 🐲

Into the world of dragons! We're going on a big journey, tinkering and drawing our own dragon maps and creating a research diary together.

As kite researchers, we discover the different species and research their behavior. How do you actually find dragons? Can you tame them? And what tips & tricks are there for riding them?

I look forward to all kite lovers and many great discoveries!

See you soon

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Utensils needed:

- paper
- Scissors
- Crayons
- Glue stick
- Adhesive tape with dispenser
- small stones
- Thread/cord

What your child takes with them:

Activity related competencies: fine motor skills
I-Competences: creativity
Social-Communicative Skills: Communication