Course 💡 Experiments with paper 60 min

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

Experiments with paper and colored pencils

Hello, my dears,

In this experimental course, I would like to get to know the fascinating properties of paper with you. Do you actually know how stable paper is? Paper is very versatile. Sometimes it is very easy to bend or even tear, but other times paper can be very strong and even support some weight. don't you believe me Be sure to look forward to what's to come!

I look forward to you all!
Your Bruno

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Utensils needed:

- 25 A4 sheets
- Colored pencils and felt-tip pens
- Sharpener
- Tape with dispenser
- Glue stick
- 1-3 leaves of a deciduous tree

Optional, for experienced kids:
- Craft scissors

What your child takes with them:

Activity related competencies: fine motor skills
I-Competences: Action planning
Skills: Logical thinking