Course 💡 Theater with hand and foot 60 min

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

Theater with hands and feet

Dear children,

in this course we focus on theater with only our hands and feet.
We make finger puppets, try out shadow figures and relax our hands with finger games. For our feet we concentrate on funny foot puppets with red noses and through a lot of barefoot walking and unfamiliar exercises we playfully learn what our feet are capable of when we don't put them in shoes.
Or have you ever drawn a picture with just your toes?

I look forward to you all,


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Utensils needed:

- felt-tip pens
- White paper
- Glue stick
- Scotch tape
- an old newspaper
- Kitchen roll

For experienced children:
- Craft scissors

- a red clown nose
- rubber bands
- construction paper
- Sequins, wobbly eyes, glitter, wool, cotton wool, cardboard, etc.
- Natural materials such as small branches, leaves, pebbles
- a large bowl
- Flashlight
- a dark cloth/scarf as a "stage"

What your child takes with them:

Activity-related skills: Body awareness
I-Competences: ability to improvise
Social-Communicative Skills: Communication