Course 💡 The world of games 60 min

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Altersgruppe 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

Hello dear children and dear parents,

Would you like to slip into the role of a game developer? Then you are exactly right in my course. I would like to work with you to create games such as marble runs, mini basketball, marble mikado, fairground games .... from everyday materials.

Today we start with a great animal throwing game. Maybe we will develop completely new game ideas in this way. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity.

I look forward to you all!
Your Jessica

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Utensils needed:

- Tape with dispenser
- colored and white paper
- Glue
- Craft scissors
- Colored pencils and felt-tip pens
- 8 empty toilet paper rolls or 4 empty kitchen rolls
- 3 empty paper towels
- Slightly stronger cardboard (can also be a cardboard box that we can cut up)
- 6 paper plates

What your child takes with them:

Activity related competencies: fine motor skills
I-Competences: action planning, creativity