Course 💡 We're doing a magic show · 60 min

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Age group 4-6 Jahre and 7-10 Jahre

We're doing a magic show

Hello dear children,

Would you like to learn magic tricks and create a little magic show with them?
If so, you've come to the right place. In this course we will learn the art of magic and prepare an ingenious magic show. You can use it to impress other people, make them laugh or simply amaze them.

I look forward to seeing you and your magic show!

👤 You can find everything about me in my coach profile .

Utensils needed:

- a cloth (e.g. a kitchen towel)
- Money
- an opaque plastic cup/tetra pak
- Colored pencils/felt pens
- paper
- Scissors
- 4 empty and identical boxes (e.g. matchboxes)
- some rice/lentils/or similar (to create a rustle in the matchboxes)
- several rubber bands
- Sweater (should only serve as a normal piece of clothing)
- cords
- Glass
- Glue stick

What your child takes with them:

Activity related competencies: fine motor skills
Skills: Logical thinking
Social-Communicative Skills: Communication