Kids Coach STEFFI

Experience: 12 Jahre

Languages: Deutsch and Englisch

Hello, I'm Steffi

Occupational therapist specializing in child therapy. I worked in this profession for a good 11 years, most recently at the children's center in Bremen. I also worked in a parent-child group for a few years.

Through "Corona" my passion for working with children has found a new form, kids coach. I'm really happy that with digital networking and video calls we have an easy way to meet up. Right now it seems important to me that the children also have the opportunity to use this new form of interaction for themselves, to have another place to meet.

Doing something myself, trying things out, pottering, tinkering, moving, making music has always been an important part of my everyday life. In the Waldorf school that I attended in Bonn, there was a variety of manual, artistic and practical activities. That shaped me.

My experience of working with children spans a wide range of areas and media. From promoting fine motor skills; Movement; Coordination; Concentration; socio-emotional skills and much more.

It is particularly important to me that every child has the space to get involved in their own way, to grow through ideas and encounters with others, to remain or become curious and, above all, to have a good time.

Originally I am at home in the Rhineland near Cologne. Love and tango brought me to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I now live part of the year. Here I work as a Rolferin™ (holistic body work/ fascial massage). Learn a lot about others and your own culture, learn Spanish and dance tango.

As a kids coach, I look forward to colorful meetings, lively encounters full of creativity, joy, respect, appreciation, humor... and hopefully bright children's eyes.